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We are pioneers in custom AI solutions and provide businesses with increased service revenue, enhanced user experiences, and streamlined business operations.

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Custom AI Services & Business Automation

Meet Corvus

AI Agents Platform as a Service

Corvus is a platform as a service. It is a proprietary dashboard and hosting platform for AI applications. It enables our partners to securely monitor and manage their entire AI ecosystem. Our user-friendly interfaces consist of configurations for your specific AI assistants, agents, and applications and provide access to valuable features such as workflows, automations, conversations, data collected, insights, training data, and more.

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Our Cutting-edge AI Services

AI & AI Agent Strategy

Unlock Revenue with AI Services

Bold Crow AI works with partners to develop turn-key and custom AI applications that are aligned with their needs and the needs of their clients. Our custom AI services are meticulously crafted to address various business needs ensuring that our partners can maintain complete control, seize growth opportunities, and scale effortlessly.

AI-Powered Workflows & Automations

Instantly benefit from streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity with custom built AI agents. Automate intricate tasks, optimize operations, monitor workflows, and reserve certain actions for manual intervention providing total oversight and command over your automations.

AI Agent Tool Development
AI Data Access & Analysis

Data Security & Privacy

Bold Crow AI uses enterprise level cloud solutions for everything we build. Corvus, our proprietary dashboard and hosting platform for AI applications isolates applications and data. Everything we build and host is done so with security, flexibility, and scalability in mind.

Conversational AI Interfaces

We design and build custom interfaces for our partners that involve conversation but can also connect to triggers and automations that maximize the potential of our AI-powered solutions. Chat interfaces are not just about engaging in conversation; they are gateways to comprehensive AI experiences.

Virtual Assistant Agents
Q&A, Training, & Support Agents

Fine-Tuning Large Language Models

In the cases where it is required or deemed beneficial we will compile content and data and use it to fine-tune models. We then provide interfaces to those fine-tuned models for our partners and their clients to access through a containerized intstance. This leads to generative outputs that are desireable, on brand, and reliable.

Why Partner with Us

AI Agents Platform as a Service

We are not your typical AI platform providing generic text chatbots. Instead, we specialize in creating custom AI solutions and AI agent applications that are tailored to your unique business needs. Our blended service model delivers bespoke solutions hosted on our proprietary AI cloud platform. Our AI applications seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, while our user-friendly dashboards provide access to valuable features such as data collected, insights, analytics, and more.

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How it Works

AI Needs assessment and reqirement gathering

Step 1

Readiness assessment and/or reqirement gathering

We begin with understanding your goals and requirements by collaborating with you to determine how AI can enhance your business. During this phase, we identify opportunities and ensure that implementing a custom AI solution will be beneficial for your business.

Custom development and agent tool deployment

Step 2

Custom development and integration

We develop tailored functionality or tools necessary for an AI application to perform the specific tasks you or your clients need. Once completed, we configure your AI containerized application and prepare it for deployment on Corvus, our AI hosting platform.

Agent deployment and dashboard access

Step 3

Application deployment and dashboard access

We deploy the application on Corvus and provide you with access to a user-friendly dashboard. You can monitor valuable insights, analytics, conversations, and workflows/automations, and if needed control and adjust configuration settings and numerous other settings.

What is an AI Agent

Human-Centric AI

AI agents independantly and autonomously determine what actions they should take within a conversation or triggered event. They can think about what tools they should use, and in what order they need to use them. Tools enable agents to do things like perform a web search, call an external API, database search, or execute a complex input/output sequence. They then complete the actions as tasks.

At Bold Crow, we are constantly innovating to bring you the most advanced AI solutions for your business. We are excited to announce that we are continually building an AI agent marketplace, where you will have the ability to select from base AI agents that align with your unique needs and we can customize them further to meet your specifications.

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AI Assessment

AI Readiness Assessment

AI Readiness Assessment

Unlock your business's potential with our quick and insightful 3-minute assessment. Discover your readiness and baseline opportunities, all within a matter of minutes. Upon completion, you will receive the results directly, as well as share them with Bold Crow. If the assessment is positive, we will promptly reach out to schedule a discovery call, kickstarting the transformative process for your business.

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