Product Sales Agent

Agent Information

Maximize your sales potential with the Product Sales Agent. This AI-powered agent learns about your products and engages website visitors in dynamic conversations to drive conversions. By leveraging effective sales tactics and techniques, it creates alignment between customers’ needs and product benefits, effectively influencing purchasing decisions. Harness the power of this intelligent agent to deliver personalized sales experiences that engage visitors and boost your bottom line.

Agent Features

✅ Engage website visitors in interactive conversations tailored to their needs

✅ Equip the agent with comprehensive knowledge about your products

✅ Adapt the agent's sales approach based on customer personas

✅ Gain valuable insights into customer engagement, conversion rates, and sales performance

Agent Pricing

Setup Fees (One time invoice)

💻 Expert Configuration Starting at: $1,432

Monthly Subscription Fees


All agents are backed by a 2-year service guarantee and include use/token monitoring. Expert Configuration is available as a one-time invoiced service, typically completed within 1 week.

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