Lead Agent

Agent Information

The Lead Agent is a highly precise website chatbot that excels in guiding conversations. With its progressive approach, it skillfully determines conversation stages and accomplishes specific objectives, ensuring exceptional results. Harnessing its expertise, this agent guarantees successful interactions, making it an indispensable tool for optimizing user engagement and achieving desired outcomes.

Agent Features

✅ Customizable Stages (i.e. intro, needs analysis, solution, close)

✅ View and export leads collected

✅ Summarized conversations

✅ Key data insights based on the conversations had

Agent Pricing

Setup Fees (One time invoice)

💻 Expert Configuration Starting at: $1920

Monthly Subscription Fees


All agents are backed by a 2-year service guarantee and include use/token monitoring. Expert Configuration is available as a one-time invoiced service, typically completed within 1 week.

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