Customer Support Agent

Agent Information

Elevate your customer support experience with the Customer Support Agent. Powered by AI, this intelligent agent efficiently handles customer inquiries by leveraging its ability to be trained on various documents and follow predefined procedures. It provides accurate and timely support, ensuring customer satisfaction. With its seamless and embedded integration into your support workflow, the Customer Support Agent streamlines operations and enhances the overall customer experience.

Agent Features

✅ Train the agent on various documents such as FAQs, manuals, and support articles

✅ Define step-by-step procedures for the agent to follow

✅ Provide support across multiple channels such as website chat and email

✅ Gain insights into customer interactions, response times, and customer satisfaction

Agent Pricing

Setup Fees (One time invoice) 💻 Expert Configuration Starting at: $1,832

Monthly Subscription Fees


All agents are backed by a 2-year service guarantee and include use/token monitoring. Expert Configuration is available as a one-time invoiced service, typically completed within 1 week.

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